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Quinna Schleicher Still Making a Difference…

Quinna is my cousin, really my second cousin. My dad and Judy are cousins. We grew up together. She was my brother’s age and I was Aaron’s age. We used to hang out together all the time as kids. We all looked up to her, especially her athletic ability. Everyone wanted to be her, and not just the girls, the boys, too. We used to play kickball games in the field next to my parents’ house. We would have 10 – 12 kids playing. Quinna would pick two people, and it would be her and those two against everyone else. The team with everyone else never won, ever, and she wasn’t picking the best two remaining kids to be on her team. I used to ask her to use her glove when I played baseball because I figured that would give me a better chance to catch the ball. I could go on and on. I always looked up to her. I even gave my second daughter the middle name Quinn.

Paul Christman & Igor - Pre-Race

Paul Christman & Igor – Pre-Race

I also always wanted to run a 5K. I used to run after work a long time ago, but I never ran a race. I just did it for fun and exercise. I hadn’t run at all in over 10 years, prior to 12 weeks ago when Igor’s wife, who works for me, said he wanted to run a 5k. I told her I always wanted to do it too, and she suggested we train together. I told her I didn’t think I was in good enough shape to do it, and she said he wasn’t in shape, either. She lied about that, but it got me to agree to do it.

I hadn’t run in so long because between graduate school and two kids, I had gotten very out of shape. Three years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was told I either had to attempt to fix the blood sugar problem through medication or diet. I chose diet and ended up losing 50 pounds. I haven’t had high blood sugar since. I lost another 15 since I’ve been running. So three years ago I was 65 pounds heavier and probably couldn’t have walked the fun run.

Paul in the home stretch - 2014 Alburtis 5k Run & Paws in the Park Dog Walk

Paul in the home stretch – 2014 Alburtis 5k Run & Paws in the Park Dog Walk


Anyway, when Igor and I started training, I told him I would do it as long as the Alburtis 5k was the first one we entered. I told him all about Quinna, and he was fine with doing that one first. We started out just trying to make sure we could finish the race, but as the weeks went on and our times got a little better, we started hoping to be more competitive. I just didn’t think we would end up finishing in under 25 minutes.

So that’s the story of how we ended up in the Alburtis 5k. I told Judy when we started that I would run it for Quinna, and I even ended up sewing a black Q on the sleeve of my shirt. I can’t even really sew.

– Paul Christman

Paul Christman & Igor Post Race

Paul Christman & Igor Post Race


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